You may have heard that thermal imaging is used in home inspections, but what does this mean? How important is it to hire a home inspector who uses a thermal imaging camera? This article will answer your questions about thermal imaging and explain the benefits of choosing a home inspector who uses this tool.

How Does A Thermal Imaging Camera Work?

A thermal imaging camera displays infrared radiation as a color spectrum ranging from dark to light. A darker area in the image signifies a cooler temperature. For a home inspector, thermal imaging is used in home inspections to identify irregular cool or hot spots. Inconsistencies across the temperature of a surface can help the inspector see a potential issue that would not be detected without the aid of an infrared camera.

Thermal Imaging Is Used In Home Inspections to Find Unseen Defects

Below are some examples of the types of problems that thermal imaging is used in home inspections to find.

1. Leaks and Moisture

A darker spot on an infrared can alert an inspector to a water leak coming from a hole in the roof or pipes within the walls. If your home has a moisture issue of any kind, it is important to discover it right away because it can lead to mold. Mold causes respiratory issues and is harmful to the structure of your home, so thermal imaging can help catch a leak before it becomes an even bigger problem.

2. Missing Insulation

Another problem that thermal imaging can detect is missing insulation or inadequate insulation. While no inspector can see the insulation behind the drywall, cooler spots on the infrared image can reveal areas where insulation is lacking that are causing your home to lose heat.

3. Areas That Are Not Airtight

Your home’s efficiency can be compromised if the seals around the doors and windows are not airtight. Thermal imaging is used in home inspections to check the airtightness of the home and identify air leaks where hot air is escaping and cold air is coming inside. Knowing about these areas and fixing them will help you heat your home more efficiently.

4. Electrical Hotspots

An electrical hotspot can show up when thermal imaging is used in home inspections as a brighter area of the electrical panel. Electrical hotspots pose a fire risk, so it’s critical to know if you have one so you can fix it and keep your family safe.

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