During the warmer months of the year, you likely enjoy grilling outside with your family and friends. It’s so nice to use your grill and give your kitchen a break. While it is a fun way to cook, it is also easy to get injured when using a grill. Here are some simple tips for summer grill safety that you can follow to keep everyone safe.

Pay Attention to Location

A lot of people just move their grill around their yard whenever they need it, however, it’s important to have a safe, dedicated spot for your grill. This area should be at least 10 feet away from your home, away from the deck or porch railings, and away from low hanging trees or decorations. Most grills wouldn’t conveniently fit indoors, but if you have a small portable grill, be sure to never use it inside. While it’s tempting to cook indoors when the weather is rainy, this presents a huge safety concern. If you have an indoor grill installed in your kitchen, make sure you use your overhead hood fan to ventilate the air properly.

Set Clear Rules for Summer Grill Safety

It is important that your children know the summer grill safety rules that they should follow in order to stay safe. They need to stay away from the grill whether it is on or off. Sometimes it isn’t clear if the grill is running if the lid is down. It’s best to make sure your children know that they shouldn’t be near the grill regardless.

Pets around a grill can cause an unfortunate accident. If you have the grill running and your pets are wandering around the yard, this can turn into a dangerous scenario. If your pet decides to run by the grill in search of a rabbit or squirrel, they could end up knocking into the grill causing it to tip over. Be cautious when you are grilling and consider keeping the kids away and the dog inside until you’re finished.

Keep the Grill and Area Clean

You have invested in a grill so you will want to make sure that it is clean and protected. Not only will this help your grill perform better, but keeping your grill clean can help promote summer grill safety. A dirty grill can quickly become a fire hazard if there is too much grease or fat built up on the rack or in the drip tray. Each time that you use your grill, make sure you let it cool down before safely cleaning it so it is ready for the next use.

Maintain Your Grill

There are a number of items on your grill that require ongoing inspections and maintenance. For example, the hose that connects your propane tank to the grill can sometimes become loose or disconnected. This can cause propane to leak into the grill or into the air. Before you start your grill, make sure this hose is still attached properly. You can apply some soapy water to the hose and open the propane valve to check for leaks. If the soap bubbles, it means propane is leaking.

When you hook up a new tank you should inspect all of the connections to make sure there are no concerns prior to starting the grill. The drip pan should be cleaned out routinely instead of waiting until it is overflowing.

It is important not to neglect an issue that could end up being a danger to you and your family. If your grill is broken beyond repair, it’s time to buy a new one. Don’t hang on to an old grill that isn’t safe anymore. Always be sure to practice good summer grill safety so you can enjoy your summer with those that you love.

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