Radon is a colorless and odorless gas that is dangerous indoors. Radon can be found in every state in the country may also be a surprise. Because radon is everywhere, it is possible to have a house with elevated radon levels. Studies have determined that if radon is 4 picocuries per liter (4pCi/L) in a home or structure, this is unhealthy. January is National Radon Action Month, so let’s look at how to take action against radon in the home.

Fortunately for homeowners and buyers, you can hire experts to fix this problem. Mitigation services are the best solution for a house with elevated radon levels.

How Can You Tell a House’s Radon Levels?

To find out a house’s radon levels, hire a skilled professional to visit your home and conduct a radon test. It is worth it to pay the extra money for professional services because their equipment is higher quality than a cheap DIY kit you can buy in a store. Also, they are experienced and trained to interpret the results accurately.

Responding to a House with Elevated Radon Levels

There are solutions for a house with elevated radon levels. A radon mitigation specialist will usually use a combination of systems to remove the radon and make further improvements to prevent radon from re-entering your home. Radon mitigation costs an approximately $1,200 for the average home. Square footage has some effect on the overall cost of this process.

Maintain Your Property for Safety

It doesn’t matter whether you are purchasing a new home or performing maintenance on one. Radon is a deadly gas and must not be ignored. Finding the right radon tester and mitigator to assist you is essential to keep your family and house safe.

Those who are investing in real estate or purchasing homes must consider the importance of radon testing. Since there are safety concerns associated with this gas, testing is essential to the selling and purchasing process.

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