Cleaning out and organizing the garage may rank high on your list of least favorite things to do, but the results are worth it! When your garage is cluttered, you likely have trouble finding things and aren’t using the space efficiently. Read these tips before you start a DIY garage storage project.

1. Get Rid of Items You Don’t Need

Completing a DIY garage storage project is an excellent way to maximize the use of your space. The goal is to give everything in your garage a place of its own. Keep in mind that you may need to start by cleaning out the garage. Spend time going through every item in your garage and weeding out items that you no longer need or want.

2. Create a Plan For DIY Garage Storage

Many specific things need to be stored in your garage, and might also want to use the space for hobbies, working out, or other activities. Spend time creating an effective plan for DIY garage storage. You don’t want to run out of space while trying to fit everything in your garage.

There are numerous storage features and creative ideas that can be used in your space, and by making a plan first, you can choose the right features to add to your garage.

3. Invest in Shelving, Cabinets, and Other Features

After cleaning your garage, organize the items you’ve decided to keep by investing in the right storage features. It doesn’t have to be expensive to add garage shelving, cabinets, and other components, and they will improve your garage storage and organization.

4. Use Overhead Space

You may initially focus on using wall space around the perimeter of the garage, but remember that you can also use the space overhead. The ceiling can be used for storage with suspended shelves that can be lowered with a pulley or hung with mounted hooks. Overhead storage is perfect for items that are used seasonally, like holiday decorations or seasonal sports equipment.

5. Label Everything

In your DIY garage storage efforts, remember the importance of labels. Some people store items in clear bins so that they can easily see the contents, and labeling makes things even easier to locate. Label all cabinets and drawers, too. In the process, you will make sure everything gets put back in its proper place after each use.

While these DIY garage storage tips can get you organized right now, remember that things have a tendency to get messy over time. Remember to put everything back after you use it and give each new item a dedicated place of its own. Be sure to stay tidy and clean out your garage periodically so that you don’t need to complete a major organization project like this in the future.

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